Travel to the top and become one of the best. Participate in our clans 24/7 snipes, and tournaments monthly. The one who takes the crown shall receive the gold.

Entering the Arena...

Scrim Snipes

Snipes are when multiple players ready up at the same time to battle each other in the same game. Snipes are hosted on all platforms and servers in the Discord and online. For more information on Scrim Snipes, please read the #snipes-info.

Receive a ranking

When players join TiZona's discord, they're first prompted to read the rules. Once they've done that, they must go to the #tryout-requests channel. From there, simply ask a tryout helper in your server and be patient!

Applying for Staff

For everyone who applys for staff must be completely honest in their applications. We'll be reaching out to other clans if we have suspicion on applications. In order to apply for staff, you must be in the Discord. If you're asking where to apply right now, check the #apply-for-staff channel.

Business Inquiries

If you're wanting to send us inquiries right now please contact us at [email protected] or get in touch with the official organization staff on the Discord server.